Chapter 2
Monster Girl
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Volume Number: 1
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Pages: 29
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Chapter 2 is titled "Monster Girl".


Having come into the realization that she has unknowingly became a monster, Yume flies away after a man spots her and made an explicit remark on Yume's feasting. A bewildered Utsutsu recounts on the moment before his sister transformed into a man-eating creature; after reaching the park, Utsutsu finds Yume lying on the ground. In his arms, he calls out to Yume and founds a tear on the right side of her face. Yume then undergoes a bloody transformation where a creature emerges from her body and Utsutsu states its resemblece to a butterfly emerging out of its pupa. While still in shock for the scene he just witnessed, the mysterious women in black appears with a clean-up a crew and introduces herself to Utsutsu as Maria. Utsutsu then questions Maria for recent events, however Maria advices Utsutsu to abandon Yume and forget everything that had happened. As a response, Utsutsu refuses to heed Maria's words - stating that Yume's existence meant everything for him. Albeit finding Utsutsu's words meaningless, Maria's sudden interest towards him had Utsutsu take on her gamble: communicating and persuading Yume. 

At the woods, Utsutsu finds Yume feasting on flesh. Yume then begs to her brother to not approach her, fearing the her becoming a monster would cause her brother to abandon her. Nonetheless Utsutsu reassures Yume by telling her that she is still his beloved younger sister and appearances doesn't change the fact that Yume is still herself. Meanwhile Maria observes the two as she is surprised how Yume can still have control over herself. Afterwards, an overjoyed Yume lunges at Utsutsu but bites his neck and proceeds to devour him while Maria states of the misfortune that occured on Utsutsu.