Chapter 3
Red Makeup
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Volume Number: 1
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Chapter 3 is titled "Red Makeup".


Yume returns to her human form, only to be informed by Maria that she killed her beloved brother as his corpse is being taken away by a disposal team, much to her horror. Afterwards, Yume shuts herself inside her house as her friends call out to her from the outside out of worry for her. Yume continues to weep over the loss of her brother albeit reassuring herself that everything that had happened was only a dream and that her brother would be again by her side as soon as she wakes up; the teddy bear in Yume's dream however then tells the latter that she would again devour her brother once he returns back to life. Waking up, Yume finds herself in the middle of a crowd and her friends arguing whether it was a good idea for them to drag Yume out of her seclusion, while Yume worries to search for her brother. In an arcade, Yume begins to feel her cannibalistic urge as her friends worry for her only for them to be shoved away by Yume. By then, Yume storms off and again finds herself in a middle of a crowd. As Yume was about to give in to her urge, Utsutsu appears and embraces Yume. Reassured that what she is seeing in not a dream and noticing Yume's condition, Utsutsu drags Yume away from the crowd as the former reassures her that he will protect Yume. In an abandoned building, Yume feasts on Utsutsu's body. As Yume constantly apologizes to her brother, Utsutsu reassures her that he has also become a monster himself.