Genjurou Imari
伊万里 幻十郎
21 7007
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Ai Imari (Granddaughter)
Chiharu Bizen (known)
Shiro Onijima (adopted son)
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 15

Genjurou Imari (伊万里 幻十郎 Imari Genjurou) is an artist and Ai Imari's grandfather. He died several years ago.


He appears as a lanky old man with a moustache. He wears a black suit and a top hat.


Like his grandaughter, he does not seem to care much for almost anyone or anything and has a lack of empathy for living beings as seen when he tortured a young Shiro to the point of insanity because hurting the boy gave Genjurou the inspiration for his paintings. However, he is more affable and polite about his motives.



Genjurou only appears in flashbacks, having died several years ago. He was acquitance with Chiharu Bizen, who at the time was a young prodigy doctor. Bizen and Genjurou were there the day Ai found the Pupa monsters and started researching them.

24 6169

Genjurou's suicide

23 7373

Genjurou getting "inspiration"

He also adopted a young Shiro Onijima. For years he locked the child his house, physically abusing him and treating as little more than a toy. Genjurou often stripped him naked and whipped him, just for the sake of inspiration for his paintings. It was the combination of the abuse and Genjurou's rare times when he was nice to him that convinced Shiro that this pain was Genjurou's love for him, fueling his entire "love is pain" philosophy.

Years later, Genjurou commited suicide, by hanging himself, so Shiro was able to escape, but the damage was already done to his mind and he became an abuser.

The "Maria's Island" special reveals that Shiro wasn't his first victim and Genjurou had been torturing other three orphan boys in the past. However, all they died from the torture. If Genjurou might have lived longer, Shiro would have died from the abuse. It's also implied he didn't commit suicide, but was killed by Bizen.