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Brief Summary of The Series
The story of Pupa is about two teenagers, Utsutsu and his little sister Yume. Their father was always beating their mom, but, after getting tired of that, he started to beat them. Some time later, their parents divorced. Their mother began dating another man, (who was younger than their father), and their father just went away. So, the two kids became orphans, and Utsutsu promised himself that he would always protect Yume.

One day when the siblings were going home from their high school, they had an ominous encounter with their father. Utsutsu told Yume to go home alone while he and the father talked. After the "talk", (argument), Utsutsu was warned by Maria about shiny red butterflies that spread the Pupa virus, which turns every creature that moves into a monster.

While Yume was on her way home through the park, she saw a red butterfly that Maria warned Utsutsu about. And a dog, that was infected with Pupa virus, mutated. Because Yume looked at the butterfly, she also got infected, which turned her into a flesh-eating monster. Utsutsu was also infected by the virus, but did not transform, having acquired fast regeneration and a cure. So, he had to sacrifice himself to fulfill Yume's hunger for flesh and to heal her.

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Pupa Anime Trailer 1

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Pupa Anime Trailer 2

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